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Strategic Development Corridors

Transport for the North is developing a multi-modal, long term Strategic Transport Plan for the North of England. We want to connect the key economic areas of the North to drive growth, improve access to jobs and ensure the North is a great place to invest and live. Our Plan will inform how the Government, Network Rail, Highways England and High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd work with us to deliver investment in transport infrastructure.

Strategic Transport Plan Evidence

In June 2017, we published an Initial Integrated Rail Report, Initial Major Roads Report and the Integrated Sustainability Appraisal as part of the evidence informing our Strategic Transport Plan. Between them, the reports identify 26 connectivity priorities which have been brought together to define seven Strategic Development Corridors.  You can download the full reports below.

Initial Integrated Rail Report

The report considers the current state of the rail network in the North and make recommendations as to where and when improvements can be made so that the anticipated increas

Initial Major Roads Report

The report scrutinises the road networks across the North of England, identifying the threats and weaknesses that could impact on an efficient road transport structure, and th

Strategic Transport Plan Position Statement

This report aims to give an overall view of TfN’s transport blueprint for the North, why it is needed, how it will be implemented and what the rewards will be to the region

Integrated Sustainability Appraisal Position Statement

To fully understand the impact that the Strategic Transport Plan will have the region’s rural and urban environments, the Integrated Sustainability Appraisal was commission

Strategic Development Corridors

Each corridor represents an area where evidence suggests investment in transport infrastructure will enable transformational economic growth. Our proposals for improvements in the Strategic Development Corridors will consider the needs of people and business and align with local transport investment.

Connecting the Energy Coast

To better connect people and goods between energy and research assets along the North West and North East coastlines and the national road and rail networks. To provide a more resilient East-West route across the North of England.

Connecting the Energy Coasts

Central Pennines

To improve East-West links between important economic centres in North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Hull and Humber, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside, increasing road and rail capacity.

Central Pennines

Southern Pennines

To improve East-West links between the economic centres of Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield City Region, and Hull and Humber. This will include improving Transpennine road and rail links between Sheffield and Manchester and providing better access to Doncaster Sheffield Airport and the ports in Liverpool and the Humber.

West and Wales

To Improve links for people and freight to the Cheshire Science Corridor and Atlantic Gateway, Manchester Airport HS2 to North Wales Arc, and the Crewe Northern Gateway, considering cross-border movement into the Midlands and North Wales.

West and Wales

East Coast Corridor to Scotland

To provide better connections for north-south movement, connecting economic centres in the North East of England to each other and to the rest of the UK.

West Coast to Sheffield City Region

To provide links between advanced manufacturing businesses in Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Sheffield City Region, and complement road improvements to the North West of Manchester and across the Pennines.

Yorkshire to Scotland

To complement the East Coast Corridor to Scotland and better connect the eastern side of the North, extending into the East Midlands.

We have already started assessment work on the following Strategic Development Corridors:

Connecting the Energy CoastsCentral PenninesWest and Wales

Public engagement on a number of the Strategic Corridors has already begun, to register your interest in attending a future event or to request more information please email